Fellowes AutoMax 200C Cross Cut Shredder 3.8mmx40mm 10Sheets

HK$ 5,640.0




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Cash dollar rebate: every $100 =$1 (Can be stored and used in future purchase) 56 .

Privacy Level: 4★★★★ (5★High)

Basket Type: Pull-out Bin

Can Shred: Staples, Credit Cards, Paper Clips,CDs/DVDs, 

Cut Size: 4 x 38mm

Shred Capacity: Manual 10Sheets(70gsm) / Auto 200Sheets(70gsm)

Maximum Run Time (minutes): 10 on / 25 off

Entry Width (mm): 230

Dimension H x W x D (mm): 545 x 345 x 515

Weight (kgs): 14.40

Warranty: One Year On-site

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