Fellowes Calibre A3 Laminator (FW 5740201) +

Fellowes Calibre A3 Laminator (FW 5740201)

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‧ Double roller design for 80~125 micron film

‧Can be hot or cold

‧Quick warm-up within 1 minute

‧Hot Swap temperature shifts quickly, can be glued immediately, no need to wait

‧Speed up to 50 cm per minute, 36 seconds to complete A4 glue

‧30 minutes of idle, automatically enters sleep mode, safe and energy saving

‧Heat GuardTM: Patented double insulated insulated housing effectively reduces surface temperature by 50%

‧Safe and not hot, and save up to 75%

‧Jam Free: The paper has automatic detection and registration function

‧If the file does not match, the file will be automatically quit to reset

‧Into the paper inlet: 320mm

‧Special withdrawal system for easy removal of documents

‧Power: 720W

‧Body size: 110 x 570 x 156 mm

‧Body weight: 2.54 KG

Pro code: 5740201

‧1 years of self-contained maintenance

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