Fellowes Proteus A3 Laminator (FW 5709001) +

Fellowes Proteus A3 Laminator (FW 5709001)

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‧Professional ultra-high speed 6 roller design (the fastest)

‧Suitable for 80-250 micron film

‧High-speed motor: 95 cm per minute, 1 minute can complete three A4 lamination, suitable for a large number of plastic used

‧6 rollers (4 hot 2 cold) can laminate the file flattened

‧The lamination effect is more straight and bright

‧After the cooling, it makes the document straight and balance the lamination quality

‧3 minutes fast warm up to improve work efficiency

‧Screen display temperature that can be clear and accurate for temperature adjustment (60 ~ 130 ゚ C)

‧Default 6 groups of commonly used film thickness, the corresponding temperature button, fast and convenient high efficiency

‧Low power consumption (1000W), stainless steel gear, durable, professional and high-volume preferred

‧Entry: Extra wide 325mm which can put the A3 file easily

‧Full-featured durable, suitable for photos, document, Offset and digital printing paper; file even film thickness up to 2mm

‧Size: (W) 125 x (D) 554 x (H) 315 mm

‧Weight: 14.6KG

‧one year warranty

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