Bio 330D Laminator A3

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Bio 330D Laminator A3

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BIO 330D  laminator

A3  330mm  , is able to make three pictures in a minute (A4 x 3) 

Heavy duty, made in KOREA

Max. Laminating Width         330mm / 13”
Operation Temperature         0-140℃ 
Laminating Speed                105 cm/min.分鐘
Max Laminating Thickness    2mm
Reverse Switch                     yes 
Preheating  Period                3 minutes
Dimension/Weight/Power      58x29.5x14cm / 14.1kg / 1,000W

This is a high speed laminator designed for heavy duty and professional purpose, suitable for photo shop, office, school…., .

“Clean Work Environment” and ISO 14001 certified, production from lead free materials.Equipped with six  CERACON heater rollers and DC motor, this laminator transfers the heat quickly and steadily into each roller and runs the roller smoothly, so that you can get a fine lamination result every time.Microprocessor control system, optimum laminating temperature and roller speed are able to be automatically selected, appropriated for various types of lamination. User can be protected in case of accident such as electrical shock and heat from the laminator, as all covers are made of industrial type plastic. Power saving due to the lower operating temperature and automatic control of speed and temperature, Soft-Touch control panel & Alarm System, the signal light & sound alert appeared during the changes of mode. 

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