Fellowes Saturn3i A3 Laminator (FW 5736101) +

Fellowes Saturn3i A3 Laminator (FW 5736101)

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‧A3/ 330mm, photo and file

‧Over the thickness of the rubber sleeve to 125 microns

‧1 minute express warm up,

‧Speed 300mm/min

‧Sounding prompt when warming up is complete

‧HeatGuard - Patented double-layer insulator insulated enclosure, safe and not hot

‧Blocking LED lights flashing display~

‧Off paper button system for immediate removal of documents

‧Attached file support, the glue effect is more ideal

‧Concealed hand-held, easy to move

Item H x W x D (mm): 105 x 532 x 146

Item Weight (kgs): 2.75

Pro code: 5736101

‧one year self-contained warranty

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